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  • Hello Microlift! Hello CeMAT Australia!
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Located in Hangzhou cityabout 200km from Shanghai City), MICROLIFT focuses on Lithium Battery  Material Handling Equipment's development, design, manufacturing, sales and services.

MICROLIFT  has many years of experience in Material Handling Equipment industry.50 million Yuan has been invested in building HYBRID series of Electric Pallet Trucks and Stackers.


“HYBRID” series are the second generation of Material Handling Equipment, which solves the deficiencies of Manual Handling Equipment of the first generation such as ineffectiveness, strength consumption, low returns as well as lack of personalization features, and so on. Based on the “simple operation, economic and reliable, easy to maintain” three major design features, “HYBRID” can save company’s labor costs, service cost and improve the efficiency of internal logistics.


With the technology supports from universities in Hangzhou and Shanghai,the most advanced electric and control systems have been adopted, such as hybrid driving and lifting system, itouch handle,intelligent controller as well as can-bus control technology. These technologies provide large and medium-sized enterprises in the world with efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection and smart interior logistics solutions. ​ According to different demands of high-end customers and middle-end customers, weighting system, man-machine integration device, automatic walking system, and global positioning system will be installed to material handling equipment respectively. “HYBRID” truly becomes your working partner, rather than just a simple material handling equipment.

*year 2005 started Fork-arms production

*year 2009 started Forklift Attachment and Chassis production

*year 2013 started Lithium Battery Material Handling Equipment production

*year 2016 started Hybrid 15 innovation

*year 2021 started Hand Pallet Truck production in Vietnam

*year 2022 started Hybrid 20i innovation

  • 1.2t/1.5t Electric Stacker
  • 2.0/2.5/3.0t Electric Pallet Truck
  • 2.5t Electric Pallet Truck
  • 1.5t Electric Stacker(Straddle)
  • 1.6t Electric Stacker
  • 2.0t Electric Stacker