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  • Hybrid Pallet Truck Ad Video
  • Hall 9 A19, Microlift show Hybrid Pallet Trucks at Logimat 2019
  • Hello Microlift! Hello CeMAT Australia!
  • Hello Microlift! Hello CeMAT Australia!
  • Meet Microlift Hybrid Pallet Truck at Tilog Logistix Thailand this August
Hello Microlift! Hello CeMAT Australia!
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Microlift Group Co., Ltd
Location: H40 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Time: 24-26 JULY, 2018

Are you still handling load with manual pallet truck?
Have you tried to use powered pallet truck instead?
Have you known Hybrid Pallet Truck from Microlift?
This is the most innovative and impressive product that you should not miss!

In 2018, CeMAT AUSTRALIA will return to Melbourne, the nation’s logistics and material handling hub. Key themes will covered on the showfloor and supporting Knowledge Theatre will be Innovation & Industry 4.0the Future of IntralogisticsMaterials Handling and Supply Chain Management.

Come and join us to raise your trade opportunity!
 Let's check Microlift Hybrid series products and explore the brighter future together!
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